söndag 17 juli 2016

Önskan om en stor ledare som visar vägen?

Hur ska vi förhålla oss det det som händer och sker i vår omgivning just nu? Det är ingen rolig händelseutveckling vi läser om i tidningarna.

Jag fick frågan av en amerikansk släkting om vad vi i Sverige skriver om och anser om Trump och det som hänt i Nice och Turkiet.

Jag skrev följande svar:

I feel it is scarry, no matter if it is Erdogan in Turky, Trump in US or some Swedish politician saying My way is the only one to go. That is same same but only different ideology they might prefer. Still intolerant. We all tend to want to find people who think like ourselves, no matter what it is about, just so we can justify our own way of living or thinking. If you think that there is only right or wrong, then it will be that if you think different from me and you are right then I must be wong - I don't want that so that is why YOU must be wrong. Instead, what if, we said there is no direct right or wrong. Only different way of thinking. That is much harder to adjust to. Me to, I prefer the free society and do not want to be forced to wear burka and not be able to freely chooose what to work with or think. My belief is still that as long as you don't hurt anybody  you should be able to think as you like. It can be tricky when it comes to psycological abuse, and when people feel hurt for something you say. But then it must come down to the laws that the society has made. That is what we need to follow. That is what makes it a society and not some kind of lawless world. 

We do live in a very unequal world and both you and I are born with lots of privileges that we do not want to lose or give away freely. That is a tough situation. And I honestly do not have a good answer to how to handle that. Unfortunately I do tend to not always think the best of the future. I do think we have been fortunate to live in a time with fantastic freedome and wealth, at least here in Sweden. But that time is past now and we are getting towards a darker time. Hopefully not as horrible as when "The winter is coming" in "The Game of Trones". But still... We do have a big challenge ahead of us. Lots of migration do interfear with my privileges and I am afraid of what it will do with my thoughts of a loving, caring world.  There are people who tend to do crazy stuff out of madness no matter if it is small unknown people or big powerful politicians. Both can still create this untolerant, scarry, frightened world we actually do not want to live in. The problem is how to stop them without becoming like them yourself. That is unfortunately still to find out.

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